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Pool Care

The Best Water is the Purest
We Focus on 4 key elements to keep your pool clean.
Pool Care


  • Chlorine is your foot soldier in the battle against algae and microbes.
  • Tablets work to maintain chlorine levels week to week.
  • Shock acts as your assault troops quickly attacking anything in the water and increasing chlorine levels quickly.
  • We carry multiple types of shock depending on your specific pool needs, whether it is liquid chlorine, dichlor, cal-hypo, or trichlor.


  • Water with ideal acid levels provides the best environment for the enjoyment of your pool.
  • Keeping the pH near 7.5 means less eye and skin irritation and allows chlorine to act at a strong but not too active rate.
  • Alkalinity is an often forgotten but vitally important part of pool chemistry.
  • Ideal alkalinity levels buffer pH against any change from added chemicals and lower the chances of creating mineral buildup on pool walls and tile.
  • Proper acid levels are critical in maintaining plaster and surface finishes.


  • Proper filtration creates crystal clear and inviting pool water.
  • Adequate run times allow all of the pool water to pass through the filter and prevent stagnation.
  • Equipment sized properly to the pool creates an efficient foundation for maintaining a pool.
  • Routinely checking your equipment and fixing small issues can prevent many larger and more costly issues from occurring.


  • The use of enhancers is designated for your pool’s specific needs.
  • Clarifiers – Added to clump up larger particulates and make it easier for the filter to capture.
  • Preventative Algaecides – Products like the Pool RX help keep algae at bay during summer months or in problem pools.
  • Sequestering Agents and Stain Treatments – Removes and prevent staining and scale build-up on pool surfaces.
  • Enzymes – The Pool Marvel line of enzymes helps breaks down organics in the pool, which helps the chlorine last and be more effective.

Keeping these elements in balance will eliminate the vast majority of pool problems without the addition of more chemicals to your water.

Why are there so many pool chemicals if pool maintenance is simple?

Specialty chemicals are just as the name implies: for special uses only. This includes just about every chemical in the store, even algicides.

What are they for and when should I use them?

Let’s explore the different chemicals in our store. Disregard name brands, the functional chemical or main purpose is what really matters.

Let us do the work after storms blow through town. Free estimates on clean-ups.